DIY Gentle Disinfectant

This DIY gentle disinfectant is a perfect penny wise alternative to expensive and harsh disinfectants that we purchase in the stores.  I use this in my Libman refillable mop, to clean kitchen surfaces that my food comes in contact with, to clean my grand children’s high chair tray and their toys.

DIY Gentle Disinfectant

Water, Castile Soap and Tea Tree Oil

To make this DIY gentle disinfectant you need an empty spray bottle( rinse well, you do not want any chemicals that may have been left behind), water, lavender Castile Soap and some tea tree oil.  Fill the bottle almost to the top with water and add a tablespoon of the  lavender Castile Soap.  I chose lavender Castile soap because I love the smell. This bottle of lavender Castile soap soap will last me for a long time because I always dilute it. The tea tree oil provides the disinfectant quality and also has a very pleasant aroma.

DIY Gentle Disinfectant

Add  12 drops of the tea tree oil, replace the spray top, give it a gentle shake and you have a cost effective DIY gentle disinfectant. The tea tree oil will also last forever and has so many uses from a wonderful foot soak to being an all natural cleaner.



DIY Gentle Disinfectant

Use it on your babies high chair tray.

This disinfectant is perfect for any place your babies touch because it is so gentle.  You can feel good about your children crawling or toddling on your floors.

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